Whose Problem Is It?

Next time you are bothered, I mean really bothered, by something someone said to you, stop for a moment and think about it. Who do they think they are? Why would they say such a thing? What gives them the right? On and on goes our inquiry into the absurd.

Our first realization might be that if ‘it’ really bothers you, then at some level you value the perpetrator’s judgement AND at some level you are afraid that the insult might actually be true.

Think about that for a moment and then ask yourself ‘Whose Problem Is It?’

Chances are that when you really get down to it, when you really understand what they said and how they said it, what they really meant and why they said it, that either, 1) you misunderstood their meaning, or 2) you will realize that the genesis of their insult was insecurity or fear, or whatever you want to call it knotted up inside of them . . . not you. It had absolutely nothing to do with you . . . nothing.

I can’t always answer the question, but I almost always realize that it’s not my problem and that’s all the realization I need to walk away in peace.

So I ask you now, Whose problem is it?

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