Web Design Pricing

I did some research this week to look at web design companies around the country and to compare both the quality of their work and their pricing to that offered by me.

There are many web design companies that are offering very mediocre work and charging too much for that work but I wasn’t interested in them. I wanted to see companies whose work was as good as mine and to see what they charged.

There were many companies around the country that offered similar quality to mine but none whose quality exceeded the work I do. So the next step was to look at their pricing.

I picked the top sites in places including Ohio, New York and Atlanta and this was what I found.

  • A small business website with stock images, SEO and Social Media Integration – $3500
  • A service business website with the above plus Small eCommerce, Payment Gateway and Blogging – $5500
  • A premium website with all of the above plus ‘Advanced User Interface’ and WordPress training – $9500

My pricing for the same quality of work, with the exact same features and technology but also including (if required) integration with a world leading CRM system is, $1600, $2400 and $3600 respectively. That’s less than half of what other web design companies are charging. Of course I offer an ‘Advanced User Interface’ with all sites regardless of size.

What other differences were there? Well, basically not much although their flyers were better. 

So I did a new flyer. Click here for new flyer.

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