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What if there were a better network that encouraged and enabled business… Where open communication is assured between associates, customers, prospects, employees, vendors and interested parties… Where you can get your information out by post, email, messaging, 1-on-1 chat or broadcast media… Where your organization’s events can be scheduled and invitations sent with a few quick clicks of a button… Where the only way a message isn’t delivered is because the recipient exercises his right to say ‘no thank you’ not because some network algorithm with a different agenda controls traffic flow… Where collaboration and healthy competition is encouraged… Where you have a built in document management system… Where commerce is embraced and you can buy and sell products and services in a vibrant marketplace… MyBIGFATNetwork.com: your communications and marketing machine where you can manage your whole business – FREE!


When you request information on a given subject, you expect to receive that information in its entirety and in a timely fashion.

Similarly, when you send or post specific information to an expecting audience, you assume the entire audience will receive that information.

Yet social networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, limit and control how information is delivered and received by its users who have requested to receive that information. Amazingly, most Facebook users have no clue as to how Facebook controls information flow on the network.

Facebook controls the “reach,” or distribution, of posts to followers of pages based on its proprietary algorithms. That means, although you may be interested in and following a Facebook page and expecting to receive information from that page, you don’t receive that information because Facebook’s algorithms do not allow posts to reach 100% of the followers of that page. On the other side of the communication process, if you’re a business owner hoping to post information on your Facebook business page for 100% of the followers of your page, Facebook’s algorithm would not allow your post to show in every member’s feed. (If you operate such a page on Facebook, check the reach statistics of the last ten posts to see if that number equates to the total number of people who follow your page. What percentage of followers were “reached?” Why should you accept less than 100%?)

Why does Facebook do this? Because Facebook wants Facebook to be the source and disseminator of information to its users, not independent, third party sources.

LinkedIn limits how you, as a LinkedIn Group administrator, can communicate to all the members of your group on a calendar basis, rendering time-sensitive announcements ineffective. To improve your capacity on LinkedIn, you must pay for a privileged membership package, which only marginally enhances your communication capabilities.

We believe this kind of censorship, which denies members free access to that in which they’ve expressed interest and denies businesses the ability to get their information in a timely manner to those who’ve requested it, is untenable.


MyBIGFATNetwork.com allows and enables 100% access to information. But, MyBIGFATNetwork.com also affords users controls so they are not bombarded with unwanted information. The USER has the control to adjust what they receive and the frequency they receive it, rather than the network making decisions for them about what gets delivered and received.

MyBIGFATNetwork.com is a powerful but highly intuitive Social and Business Network that offers the best of sites like Facebook and LinkedIn but with plenty of additional features that make it more than just their equals.  It’s a truly viable alternative to the Billion Dollar monoliths that dominate the market.  With all of their censorship, algorithmic suppression and ‘in your face’ marketing, there must be alternatives and competition in this space.  This is why we developed MyBIGFATNetwork.com.

MyBIGFATNetwork.com is designed as a Social and Business Network that, unlike the market leader, is not dominated by trivia and politics.  It’s about getting your message out, whether as a small business promoting its services, a blogger, a user group communicating with its members or a family just wanting to sell some used furniture.  It does it all!

Communications and Collaboration – email, blog, chat, conference 1-on-1 or broadcast, socialize, network

Marketing – Educate, promote, collaborate

Calendar – Schedule Events and Send Invitations – appointments to book signings to conferences to grand openings to open houses to zen training

Buying & Selling products and services on the BIG FAT Market


We are proud and excited by what we have created to date, but need your help to push it over the top. By supporting us, you will be promoting the most business user-focused platform that has been lacking in the social media space. We would love for you to join us in our quest to give control back to the users of our platform.

Contributions that help MyBIGFATNetwork.com get up to cruising altitude will empower a communications platform that allows users to receive and deliver information they want without an algorithm with a competing agenda repressing free, pure results. It is truly a network for the people.


We want to raise an additional $250,000 to launch, fund technical equipment and programming support and aggressively market My Big Fat Network and get it to a self sustaining level of growth.

My Big Fat Network should earn sustaining revenue when traffic reaches 100,000 hits per day, which we expect to reach within eight months.

Until we reach this level, however, we seek $250,000 funding for technical equipment including higher capacity servers, programming support and marketing efforts designed to get us through the initial launch phase and reach cruising altitude, which would then fuel enough revenue to continue to accelerate growth. Additional seed money will only enhance that growth.

During this eight month period we expect expenses $30,000/month as follows:

  • Server Costs – $1800/mo
  • Admin, moderator – $3,000/mo
  • Tech, programmer, app customization – $7,000/mo
  • Marketing – Ad/PR/promotion hard copy – $7,000/mo
  • Marketing – Ad/email – $4,000/mo
  • Marketing – Group development – $7,000/mo

With advertising RPM at $10 per thousand views, 100,000 hits will generate $1,000 each day, or $30,000 per month.

  • $10/1000 X 100,000 hits/day X 30 day/month = $30,000/month income

The management team has launched previous websites and reached consistent traffic volume of 1Mil daily viewers. (See The Back Story below.) The team believes eventual usage on My Big Fat Network should far exceed 1Mil daily views within a 2 year window of time. The scale of revenues at higher volume levels would be as follows:

  • $10/100 X 200,000 hits/day X 30 day/month = $60,000/month income = $720,000 / year income
  • $10/100 X 500,000 hits/day X 30 day/month = $150,000/month income = $1.8 Mil / year
  • $10/100 X 1,000,000 hits/day X 30 day/month = $300,000/month income = $3.6 Mil / year
  • $10/100 X 5,000,000 hits/day X 30 day/month = $1,500,000/month income = $18 Mil / year

Once MyBIGFATNetwork.com reaches cruising altitude of 200,000 hits per day, it will be sustained by advertising revenue. However, unlike many sites that have in-your-face pop ups, page blocks, banner ads and flashing notices zooming across your screen, our ads are subtle and few. There is an appropriate cookie driven ad after every fifth post in a feed, and there is an ad at the bottom of each post. That’s it – less intrusive than Bloomberg, DailyMail or USAToday. Most people won’t even notice they are there, but it’s enough to provide all the revenue needed for the site to thrive and at the same time provide our users with the most interference free online experience possible.


There are challenges in building traffic to a network like this, but our team has done it before:

In October of 2014 three courageous entrepreneurs made a plan, quit their jobs, and started a news site unlike any other.


They hoped to be hitting 1,000,000 hits per day by the end of 2015, 14 months later.

BUT, the site was so well conceived and so well executed that only six weeks later, on December 31st of that same year – 2014, the site hit 1,000,000 views in one day and had climbed from Alexa.com position nowhere to the 650th busiest site in the nation making viral.buzz also the fastest growing site in the country.


As you might have guessed, Facebook execs caught wind of this shooting star and, as you might have also guessed, Facebook doesn’t like shooting stars (other than Facebook). Long before most users were aware of this fatal strategy, Facebook was squeezing their algorithm tighter and tighter, charging their customers to buy reach, making them pay to boost their posts and implementing all manner of restriction designed to maximize revenue for Facebook, with no regard for their customers.

The shooting star was quickly coming back to earth as the Facebook algorithm noose tightened and before long the same efforts that were producing $10,000 each day (a million hits per day at a $10 RPM) were now reduced by over 90% making the site financially unsustainable as its infrastructure costs had escalated to handle the high volume.

Only now, 3 years later, millions of Facebook users are becoming acutely aware of this underhanded stroke of Facebook greed as they see their reach within their groups on the network reduced.

LinkedIn also limits how you, as a LinkedIn Group administrator, can communicate to all the members of your group on a calendar basis, rendering time-sensitive announcements ineffective. To improve your capacity on LinkedIn, you must pay for a privileged membership package, which only slightly enhances your communication capabilities.

We believe this kind of censorship, which denies members access to that in which they’ve expressed an interest and denies businesses the ability to get their information to those who’ve requested it and in a timely manner, is untenable.


Frustrated, and mad as hell, our three entrepreneurs soon realized that opportunity had once again slapped them in the face.

They predicted at that time that all-powerful Facebook, with all of their control, power, and cash would continue to restrict reach until, where once a Facebook post once reached all members of a group, the screws were tightened and tightened until now many Facebook posts reach less that 10% of their followers, some as low as 1%. Some of these users even had paid Facebook hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase ‘likes’ which were now virtually worthless.

The Entrepreneurs were delighted that Facebook did just as they had predicted! For three years, while Facebook was restricting reach (screwing their customers), and piling in the cash, our entrepreneurs have been busy developing the big fat communications network they had dreamed of – one that afforded unimpeded reach and access to information. You are looking at it now. It’s aptly called MyBIGFATNetwork.com.

MyBIGFATNetwork.com allows you and your group to message 100% of your target audience, chat with anyone, host your blog, post your pics, schedule, invite, store docs, sell stuff, make friends, promote your business, and GET YOUR MESSAGE OUT . . . Right Now . . . all at a cost of ZERO – unimpeded by a controlling algorithm that favors network owners.

A second ‘challenge’ we face is potential social media saturation, like. who needs another network? The world doesn’t need another Facebook. It needs a better one. And there is already a very large and growing population that wants an alternative to the repressive controls of Facebook. The initial response to MyBIGFATNetwork.com has been extremely enthusiastic.


Meet the triumvirate of Sonet Dynamics LLC: Christine Ely, Bill Chandler and Scott Scholz.

You have seen their work, although you may not know it. Each of them has produced thousands of articles that have been broadcast, reproduced, shared, and copied millions of times. All through custom web sites built by the team to do exactly that.

Although decisions are made as a team, Scott is the numbers man, Christine does the tech, and Bill is the marketing wizard. It has worked out well to have such a diverse range of expertise on board.

Scott has spent decades restructuring businesses, maximizing efficiency, and implementing incredibly creative strategies to optimize cash flow, profit, and anything else that needs optimizing. Scott’s challenge is keeping the other two in line.

Christine is the techie of the bunch and ‘savant’ is the perfect descriptor for her. She runs the tech team and what a team that is. Whatever the issue, her team is up to it; whether it’s html, php, developing plugins or widgets, switching servers or troubleshooting a monolithic web presence, and they can do this long before most people get out of bed.

Bill’s decades of marketing expertise, his years as a professor and his unusual way of thinking have given him a unique understanding of the human psyche that has served his clients, his students and the team like no other. Bill’s challenge is to expand the ‘box’ as far as the mind can conceive (and patiently allow reason to prevail).


Use MyBIGFATNetwork.com! Get your business using it. Get your bridge club using it. Get your Girl Scout Troup using it. Get your gardening club using it. Get your church using it. Get your local community center using it. Get your Chamber of Commerce using it. Get your local outreach group using it. Get your book club using it.

And encourage other organizations and businesses to use MyBIGFATNetwork.com where their information is not controlled by the network to satisfy a different agenda.

MyBigFatNetwork.com is built for business.

At My BigFatNetwork:

  • We Believe In Business
  • We Believe In Open Communication
  • We Believe In Collaboration
  • We Believe In Healthy Competition
  • We Believe In People
  • We Believe In Events
  • We Believe In Commerce
  • We Believe In Technology
  • We Believe In Free!
  • And WE Still Believe In ‘Don’t Be Evil’

My Big Fat Network – The network that does it all!

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