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If you have a story that you would like to share about an experience you had at Canyon Lake we would like to invite you to email it to us at [email protected] Please let us know if you want to remain anonymous. This could be fun.

It was a beautiful mid morning early spring of 2005. The marina office doors were all open, letting in an abundance of fresh air. I was in the back office and Pam was up front taking care of business. A prospective customer entered the office and began a conversation with Pam. I entered into the conversation and discovered that he was currently a marina customer at an adjoining lake and that he was very interested in bringing his boat here. I had to excuse myself for a moment, back to the back office as he & Pam continued the conversation. All of a sudden Pam let out a frantic scream “Chuck Help Me, Help!” I scurried back to the front office to find Pam on top of her desk with the prospective customer backed into a corner, surrounded by a goose with wings fully expanded, feathers flying everywhere & a nasty hissing going on. I quickly walked up to the goose, gently placed one hand around its neck just at the base of its head and walked the goose back out of the door. Apparently the prospective customer thought it was a good idea to wave a piece of white paper at the goose in effort to persuade it to exit the office, wrong move! This was a domestic goose that someone had relocated to Canyon Lake & it must have had prior security guard training. Needless to say, the goose did pass away of natural causes, never to be seen again. The prospective customer was also never to be seen again.

Jan 27, 2008

Very early morning we discovered that a skunk had found its way into the men’s restroom located just prior to the entry of Lakeside Restaurant & Cantina. The skunk was hiding just around the corner, within the shower stall. Brad, the maintenance supervisor & I tried to coax the skunk out with some breadcrumbs & turned a bright light towards its direction. We propped all of the doors open, hoping that if we left it alone for a while it would leave on its own. Nothing is that simple at Canyon Lake as instead of the skunk leaving, a duck followed the trail of breadcrumbs into the restroom, right up to the skunk, startled the skunk that then decided to spray his scent. The duck also was startled, leaving his droppings all around the restroom, flying into the walls, stalls, mirror, etc and decided not to leave until we made another trail of bread crumbs for him to follow, finally exiting the room. Brad decided to finish the job by coaxing the skunk into leaving but not until after it made sure that Brad had to stop on his way home to purchase some tomato juice.

Lesson learned for Canyon Lake Marina… keep the doors closed.

Chuck Richards

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