My Big Fat Network

Are you ready for something new,  something MUCH BETTER?

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Introducing My BIG FAT Network

We have brought MyBigFatNetwork to you as an alternative to the Billion Dollar monoliths that dominate the market.  We feel there should be alternatives and competition.  It has cost a lot of time and money to bring this service to you and it will always be free to use.  If you would like to make a donation to our cause however, we would much appreciate it.  Thank you!

  • ZERO COST online presence for your business that is so much more than just a website
  • A collaboration tool that doesn’t bombard you with heavy handed adverts
  • A place for your business, club, organization, or just you
  • A Search Engine Optimized, customizable website and blog with just a few clicks
  • An automatic welcome for your customers, your members and your people
  • Unrestricted communications through internal notifications and external email – All totally FREE
  • No algorithms to restrict access or costly premium memberships. Just sign in and get it all
  • Blog, chat, schedule events, post classified ads, upload pictures, collaborate and share documents, video chat and so much more

Seriously! GET YOUR MESSAGE OUT like never before!

No longer do you need to pay for a separate website, email server, event manager, messaging system and communication network to manage your business or organization.

All you need is My BIG FAT Network, and best of all . . .

It’s 100% FREE !

Watch the video:

My Big Fat Network is  your Supercharged Website, Communications Hub and High Octane Marketing Machine.  Simply sign in and get started . . . Right Now!

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