CRM and Business Cards

As a regular networker, I get handed a lot of business cards but unlike many networkers I don’t file them in a drawer never to see the light of day again.

I am a diligent user of Customer Relationship Management software and always enter business cards into the CRM system. There are however many CRM systems and almost all of them feature import facilicites from Excel/CSV files; so how do you get the information on a business card into an Excel/CSV file?

The answer comes in the form of an Android/iPhone app called CamCard. With CamCard you can capture all of your business cards, and all the contact information on them can be quickly & accurately read, then saved to your Android device or iPhone. You can see a short but excellent review and tutorial of CamCard here:

For those that want business cards scanned directly into their CRM systems without having to import, there is a paid version of CamCard. It costs $5 per user per month but requires a minimum of 3 users and is paid annually. For those who are prepared to scan and then download, the free version of CamCard works really well, and is still a huge step forward from having to type in every business card.

The free version of CamCard synchronizes directly with the Contacts module of your smart phone. If you have an Android phone, that means that it also synchronizes immediately with your Gmail/Google Contacts. Once in Google Contacts, you can download all of the cards you have scanned. From there it is a very simple process to import into the Contacts module of your CRM system.

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