Conservative Voices Freed From Left-Leaning Social Media Oppression

Ultimately, who do you want deciding what information you consume: yourself or some self-appointed “authority?”

Facebook, by amalgamating news from various publishers and providing content of its own, has advanced its agenda to have you source your information on its site. More eyes on its website means more revenue-generating opportunities for the network.

But when you read your feed on Facebook, are you getting what you asked for? Or, are you getting what Facebook wants you to get?

Increasingly, through the last election cycle and to today, Facebook has used its repressive algorithms to restrict conservative news and opinion and promote its own liberal agenda more aggressively. Their insidious ploy and priorities have been revealed and confirmed by former Facebook executives, including founder Sean Parker here, and VP Chamath Palihapitiya here.

Facebook is, after all, a publicly traded company, which means shareholder demand for return on investment is a high priority. And Facebook shareholders have been handsomely rewarded.

But for network users who sign up to receive information from specific business pages, the fulfillment of their desired results could be said to be less than comparable to that of investors.

Generally, when you – as a consumer – request information on a given subject, you expect to receive that information in its entirety in a timely fashion.

Similarly, when you – as a provider – send or post specific information to an expecting audience, you assume the entire audience will receive that information.

Yet, Facebook limits and controls how information is delivered and received by its users who have requested to receive that information. Amazingly, most Facebook users have no clue as to how much Facebook controls information flow on the network. Users seem to believe that Facebook is some altruistic, benevolent entity that has their interests at heart. (If the user happens to also be a Facebook investor, they’re at least partially correct.)

Facebook controls the “reach,” or distribution, of posts to followers of pages based on its proprietary algorithms. That means, although you may be interested in and following a Facebook page and expecting to receive information from that page, you’re not guaranteed to receive that information because Facebook’s algorithms do not allow posts to reach 100% of the followers of that page.

On the other side of the communication process, if you’re a business owner hoping to post information on your Facebook business page for 100% of the followers of your page, Facebook’s algorithm would not allow your post to show in every member’s feed. If you operate such a page on Facebook, check the reach statistics of the last ten posts to see if that number equates to the total number of people who follow your page. What percentage of followers were actually “reached” with each post? Why should you accept less than 100%?

Most independent thinkers would find this kind of censorship, which denies members free access to that in which they’ve expressed interest and denies businesses the ability to get their information in a timely manner to ALL those who’ve requested it, untenable.

Where can you, as a consumer of information, go and be assured that you are not denied access to that which you requested? And where can you, as a presenter or provider of information, go to be confident that that which you wish to provide gets to all who have requested it?

Peruse the pages of the website you’re currently viewing – allows you to get your message out, or gather information, like never before, unrestricted by an algorithm that favors a separate, perhaps conflicting agenda. You can message 100% of your people 100% of the time on The only way a message is not received is if a user exercises his/her right to say “No, thank you” by changing their messaging settings. The user is in control, NOT the network. does not intend to replace Facebook for those who wish to post pictures of their pets or their lunch in pursuit of a ‘Like’ or a ‘Follow’ and the ensuing short-term, dopamine-driven rush that feedback loop provides.

Nor is a tool for “ripping apart the social fabric of our society” (Palihapitiya) with misinformation, mistruth, incivility, intolerance and noncooperation. was conceived and designed to be a comprehensive communications tool for organizations and business to effectively and efficiently communicate and collaborate with their constituents to enable success and prosperity for all. Just a few of the benefits offered by are:

  • Communicate and coordinate with prospects, customers, employees and vendors in Groups or across the network,
  • Content distribution is NOT controlled by an algorithm with an agenda that favors network owners,
  • Publish your own personal or corporate blog and reach 100% of network  and Group members,
  • Chat, message or email ALL network and Group members,
  • Schedule and send invitations to events,
  • Video-conference with members about common interests,
  • Promote your business or organization,
  • Post your pics,
  • Buy and Sell products and services on the BIG FAT Market,
  • Fully mobile responsive.  Works on any device,

No longer do you need to pay for a separate website, email server, event manager, messaging system and communication network to manage your business or organization. All you need is, and best of all . . . it’s FREE!

See who’s prospering. Test drive to see if it suits your organization’s or business’ needs. Join above!

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